Hack that Entrepreneurial Spirit with Jon Nastor

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This week’s episode talks about brilliant entrepreneurship hacks! Our guest Jon Nastor uncovers new and replicable hacks that help you become a star entrepreneur. Jon Nastor is the author of Hack the Entrepreneur: How to Stop Procrastinating, Build a Business, and Do Work That Matters.

Jon teaches you how to have an entrepreneurial mindset, outline the right framework, find your focus, get more done in less time and begin to accomplish your goals.

Matthew and Jon discuss:

  • Jon’s’ story about his journey behind how he came up with the entrepreneurial hacks he shared with his audience
  • His influences and motivations in advocating smart and successful entrepreneurship
  • The wrong mindset and wrong practices of entrepreneurs when it comes to growing their business

  • John’s recommended hacks: the 3 hottest rules: Think big, start small, act fast
  • Being decisive
  • Defining your twenty (20)- 20% of efforts you need to do to get results
  • More principles and perspectives about how should an entrepreneur act and think. How they should be practiced in achieving a certain level of success


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