How the So-called “Hybrid Publishing Model” Amplifies Every Author’s Journey by Jesse Krieger

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This week’s episode is explosive! We get to hear a lot of helpful insights from the renowned author of the book ‘Lifestyle Entrepreneur” and the owner of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press Jesse Krieger as he shares his journey as a lifestyle entrepreneur and how he successfully helped a lot of authors from scratch to reach a potential market for their book. And how he also juggles around his time with all of these responsibilities on his plate.

Matthew and Jesse discussed:

  • Jesse’ story about his success from publishing single book (Lifestyle Entrepreneur)  to putting up his own publishing business
  • Self-publishing as a hybrid publishing model
  • How fantastic is the hybrid publishing model compared to traditional publishing

  • Providing things and services that are out of the author’s radar
  • Tips for putting the authors in the right directions and how hybrid publishing model operates
  • His perspective about how a book would impact your business or personal brand


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