How Online Entrepreneurs Can Overcome WordPress Problems With Jan Koch

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA, Matthew Turner (author of The Successful Mistake talks) to Jan Koch, WordPress Developer, and Website Building Expert. Jan mentors online entrepreneurs to navigate effectively in their website development, especially when it comes to WordPress.

In this episode, Matthew and Jan discuss:

  • Jan’s business of building WordPress websites and custom plug-ins these past 2-3 months, in making custom-built websites more efficient and more profitable for his clients.
  • How Jan started with WordPress and how he decided to focus on it as his specialized platform about five years ago when he was a Business Consultant.
  • How Jan’s background in coding and his knowledge of WordPress opened his entrepreneurial path in building and maintaining websites for his Business Consultancy clients.
  • The three biggest mistakes business owners commonly make when setting up websites (that Jan has observed through the years):
    • failing to make people act on their website,
    • not prioritizing the security of the website,
    • not knowing what you want from your website developers.  This may most likely cost more time and money for both the developer and the client.
  • What listeners should look out for in website developing trends such as optimizing with Google AMP and advantages of building up a funnel

Many online entrepreneurs want to “get their hands dirty” by making their own websites. However, they hit a snag when they want to add more features to highlight changes in their respective businesses.  More often, the WordPress designs they have built their website on are limited.  This is where Jan Koch and his team are able to assist online entrepreneurs.  Jan discusses in this interview how he and his team work through these snags so that their clients can get their websites working efficiently.

Show Notes:

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