How To Achieve Business Freedom with Eric Edmeades

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Eric-Edmeades2As entrepreneurs, we put a lot of focus on the mind – we understand that we need to be smart, creative, and balanced if we’re going to succeed. But we often forget that the body is just as important for building a sustainable life of freedom for ourselves. Today’s guest, Eric Edmeades, understands this very well. He’s built, run, and sold a number of companies, but he’s still careful to look after himself, and spends his time these days helping other entrepreneurs to run their businesses and keep their stress levels down.

During our talk, Eric and I discuss:

  • The real meaning of business freedom, and how you can achieve it for yourself.
  • The need to combine top performance skills with the right attitude to the job.
  • And the importance of healthy eating habits to keep yourself functioning at a top level.

Eric says “Stress used to be a very useful adaptive mechanism for humans. You walk around a bush and there’s a lion there – well, it’s a good thing that when this happens you feel a stress response, because that’s what’s going to make you take action. And the action is going to be flight, fight, or freeze. But our body’s response to stress hasn’t adapted with our social evolution. So now we get a visa bill in the mail, and we feel stressed. But unlike when we faced the lion, the stress isn’t going to be short term – we can’t run away from the bill, or fight it. We just keep feeling stressed. And if you don’t learn to manage that and keep your stress levels low, you’re gonna slowly kill yourself.”

Eric is someone I’ve been following for a good while now, I’ve attended his events, I’ve incorporated some of his suggestions into my own life, and I strongly recommend listening to him. You can check out his work on health and fitness at Wild Fit, get in contact via Twitter, and take a look at his Business Freedom work.

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Until next time, stay healthy!

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