How To Create Your Freedom Plan with Natalie Sisson

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA, Matthew Turner, author of ‘The Successful Mistake’ talks to nomadic traveler Natalie Sisson, Chief Adventurer and founder of The Suitcase Entrepreneur

In this interview, Natalie shares her adventure in living a nomadic life and the challenges that came with it (and how taking a Business Sabbatical helped her discover a deeper meaning of what freedom really is).

Matthew and Natalie discuss:

  • Her travels around the world
  • Launching ‘The Freedom Plan’
  • How Natalie took a Business Sabbatical for 3 months that changed her life (180 degrees), wherein she bought a property and didn’t travel for a while, which made her feel better. It was still pursuing freedom, but a different kind of freedom
  • Her second book, ‘The Freedom Plan: Earn More. Work Less. Be Free
  • Natalie’s ‘Operations Manual’, and how it’s something that is very helpful in running her business
  • How Natalie is now helping other people create their own freedom plan


  • The importance of knowing your own vision and how you want to spend your time
  • How daily reflection is essential in appreciating yourself and what you have done
  • How a digital Sabbatical is also essential — at least one day a week




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