How to Create Your Very own Mastermind Group

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Mastermind is important because when you get together with other smart people, magic happens.

Erlend has been doing mastermind dinners for three years now. The way it works is to invite people for dinner. He calls it Sumo Social Club. The group has eight people and they all love eating Sushi.

How did he find these people? By going to events and inviting interesting people to come to dinner. It’s a great way to connect with entrepreneurs. You can even invite famous ones and ask them to be special guests, that’s one way to entice them to show up.

Why dinners? Because people are more relaxed with food and it’s a much more calm atmosphere.
Send out an event invitation to a Facebook closed group or a WhatsApp message.

It is important that you add value when you are hosting a Sumo Mastermind dinner because you are marketing the event. Make ways of making it attractive to people and improving it.
Come up with a theme, share what books to read, invite a guest speaker, etcetera.

Indeed, an interesting gathering of interesting people.



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