How to find Happiness and Success with Andrew Matthews

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA Erlend Bakke, author of the bestselling book “Never Work Again” and “90 days to Profit”, talks to Andrew Matthews, the highly successful author of internationally bestselling books including “Be Happy and “How Life Works”.

They discuss:

    • How John started having a book idea of happiness when he was 25 years
    • How the questions of happiness stuck with him including:
      o Do you choose happiness?
      o How do you choose happiness?
    • How these have led him to read books on psychology, on the brain, about
      success, and other related subjects
    • How his first manuscript for a children’s book was rejected 61 times and how
      he got his first book, “Being Happy”, published


  • How he studied art and wanted to be an artist. How with a strong interest,
    too, on personality development, he sought to combine these two interests
  • How his interests led him to write books which now number to 11
  • Andrew’s present activities: corporate speaking, development of an online
    happiness course
  • On the importance of community and its relevance to happiness and

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