How to find one’s own Voice and Stand Out with Vernon Ross

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA, Matthew Turner (author of The Successful Mistake) talks to Vernon Ross: an internationally known podcaster, digital strategist, coach and author of ‘Master Your Message: The Guide to Finding Your Voice In Any Situation’.

In this episode, they discuss:

  • What Vernon has been working on these past 5-6 months, which centers around his desire to have his own book published
  • How Vernon moved towards finding his own voice, so he’s able to stand out with a unique brand, style, and message
  • How speaking to other people can offer opportunities to brand/rebrand one’s self.
  • The usual drawbacks of speaking out from one’s own voice such as having expectations of one’s self and being worried about being judged

  • How consistency and longevity in sending out one’s unique message will help people win. And that in finding one’s own voice, it takes a while to get good enough to attract one’s audience
  • How in a corporate setting, finding one’s own voice can make you stand out in ways that are tasteful and professional and will help you to move ahead through promotions and such
  • What people do wrong including copying people, repeating what other people are saying, showing only a part of themselves, and then using extreme behaviors when trying to brand themselves
  • What people can do to speak from their own voice and stand out including tackling fear of being judged or of not being able to fit in

Fear of being judged or not being able to fit in usually stops people from finding their own voice. In this interview, Vernon Ross shares powerful stories that he experienced in making breakthroughs in speaking out his own unique message.  This has brought him success and fulfillment in being able to brand and rebrand himself through his speaking with other people most especially through his chosen medium, podcasting.

Show Notes:

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