How to Find Your ONE WORD ft Evan Carmichael

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evan carmichaelIn today’s episode of Hardcore MBA, Successful Mistake author, Matthew Turner talks to Evan Carmichael, author of Your One Word.

Topics include:

  • Evan Carmichael’s Beginnings and Current Focus
  • Evan’s Entrepreneur Life
  • The idea for Your One Word Book and how it came about
  • Entrepreneurial lessons you wouldn’t want to miss

He has been on the entrepreneurial path for quite some time. He only took being entrepreneur seriously when he was 16. He had his first company at 19, a biotech company. He says it sucked but he built it up, sold it and became a venture capitalist. He basically does work where he helps entrepreneurs believe in themselves and in what they’re doing.

In the last 18 months, Evan has focused on his YouTube channel and his book. He has been able to double his audience in the past year and a half. He also started a new business during this time. His book is about finding your one core value as well. Evan’s agent convinced him to write a book and during that period, he came up with the idea for ‘Your One Word’. It was a journey to create the content, and it took him 2 years to write it and it took another year for his publisher to get it into the stores. He’s happy to see what he created touching people’s lives.

He didn’t know what his one core value was. He didn’t know how to reach that potential. When you are working with the wrong people or the wrong projects, you aren’t happy and you’re unmotivated. It starts by identifying your most important core value. For Evan, it’s “believe” which means self-confidence, passion, and conviction to follow through. That becomes the lens through which he sees the world. Even the people he gets for his team must subscribe to the same values. People should hire people based on values rather than skills, Evan suggests.

He believes in being aligned with people who have the same values with him. As an entrepreneur, everything is about building and creating. If you don’t know what your core values are, you’ll hop from one thing to the next. Evan talks about core selling. People start by selling the features of the products or their service and move on to selling the benefits. It works but it’s inefficient. Core selling is about selling the why. Entrepreneurs should have customers buy your products because of them. He wants people to connect their values to create customer loyalty.

The idea for Your One Word started off as Evan figured out his own core value, “believe.” He then got all these results from something he stumbled across, and went around the United States interviewing other entrepreneurs. All these people built their business on their one word. He then came up with a blueprint to help others come up with theirs.

All of them were committed to their mission and the world beyond just making money. Money is the #2, trying to figure out what their #1 priority was something Evan did as he interviewed the entrepreneurs. They all believed in their mission and what they were doing. They saw their business with their one word, and that they can apply it to their business and each step along the way. He also found businesses in different stages. There’s somebody there who’s like you and somebody who’s ahead.

Evan’s book consists of three main themes: core, campaign and company. Core applies to everybody. Figuring it out can help you in life. Knowing what you stand for allows you to live an authentic life. If you’re a human being, it applies to you.

Campaign deals with business. It might be less relevant to those who don’t have businesses. Entrepreneurs can spend more time on reading this to help with their marketing campaign. It’s also relevant to those who work in marketing departments. Company looks at how your one word can help you in your business. There may be sections that are less relevant to people, but the first one is worthwhile to read because if you’re a human being, you can use principles from this.

If you feel that you haven’t reached your ceiling and that you could be doing more but don’t know your plan to get there, this book is for you. Evan suggests that you pick up the book and read a few pages so that you get value from it. Do the exercises, and do some thinking as you work through the book.

In the next 24 hours, Evan suggests doing something to get started. He also gives three exercises you can do now to help figure out what your one word is. When asked where Evan is going to be in six months, he still wants to basically do what he’s been doing. It’s a whole list of things related to his book and his YouTube channel. Basically, he wants people to pick up his book, read it, and do the work. Evan can be found on Why do A Lot of Living, the books can be bought in Amazon. He’s also on on several social media platforms.

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