How to go With Your Gut Feeling

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You’ve probably heard of the classic expression “Trust your gut” or “Go with your gut.”

Have ever been in a situation where you’re in doubt with either of the choices you have and ended up trusting your guts instead? Well, this week’s podcast is for you.

As an entrepreneur, taking risks is an alternative to aid hesitation. It might not sound like a quality move but it’s way better than being confused. This is where “going with your gut” comes in.

Erlend dealt with a lot of circumstances but was able to supervise these by trusting– not always, but pretty much most of the time, going with his guts, not to mention publishing a book; 90 Days to Profit and Never work again.

In this episode, you will appreciate how intuition works, accepting whatever the outcome is and learn not to blame anyone about anything. After all, it is what it is.


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2 thoughts on “UNCENSORED with Dan Pena, the 50 Billion Dollar man calls me a Cu#”$$”! (Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics)

  1. Tyler Basu

    Wow great job getting Dan to do an interview with you! He is the mentor to Dan Lok, an entrepreneur from Vancouver whom I have come to know quite well. Dan (Lok) talks about the impact Dan Pena had on his life all the time. Now I know why!

  2. Mat Ven

    You mentioned Napoleon Hill and Outwitting book, you wanted to continue but you were interrupted by Dan, what did you want to say?

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