How to Keep a Book Still Smashing Online with Derek Doepker

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Let’s hear from Derek Doepker in this week’s podcast episode and learn his book marketing finesse.

Derek will teach a couple of tips as to how should authors deal with failures while keeping their book still smashing online!

Derek, by the way, is a rock guitar player with a degree in music composition turned a “rock-star trainer” in the fields of personal development, authorship, business, and communication. With a diverse background, some have called him “a modern-day millennial renaissance man.”

In this episode, Matthew and Derek discuss:

  • What’s keeping Derek excited recently?
  • Derek’s interests especially in getting deeply involved with people in a workshop environment, learning the neuroscience of creating habits and working a  lot on deeper behavioral things
  • And helping people by giving a practical path to be effective in their thinking- resolving inner conflicts

  • Derek’s books and what inspired him to write those books
  • The importance of having the right mindset, developing a habit that would help you realize your goals, being innovative- creating a great book and really keep the momentum after launching it
  • The best strategies and practices of a successful author- keeping the momentum up and running


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