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John-Michael-editedI love YouTube – it’s the second biggest search engine in the world, which is amazing when you consider it contains only one kind of resource, tons and tons of videos. This week’s Hardcore MBA guest John Michael also loves YouTube, because it’s what turned him from a regular guy working too many hours into a great example of the freedom lifestyle. And in this week’s podcast he shows you how to do the same!

John and I discuss:

  • How John got started making YouTube sales through a classic process of trial and error.
  • How to use affiliate programmes to your advantage, and which are the best affiliate programmes to sign up for.
  • The importance of consistent branding across the whole of your sales funnel.
  • How John keeps it in the family by getting his dad to upload YouTube videos for him.
  • And we have a great exclusive for you – as John and I share screens and you get to see the master at work, taking apart my YouTube channel and telling me how it should REALLY be done!

This week’s podcast and video is a very special one because of that interactive element – this is not just theory, on Hardcore MBA you get to see things in action as well! If you enjoyed this week’s episode, let me know in the comments below. And if you’d like to know more about how John can turn you into an online video superstar, check out his website  and sign up to his Tube Traffic Formula course.

Show Notes:

  • At about 6.00 he explains how he got started – went on YouTube and saw all these videos about making money online, clicked on them and they have a landing page that people can sign up to – so it became clear it’s possible to build traffic through YouTube. So I decided to master YouTube.
  • At about 12.40 he says he took a decision one day to succeed online, told his wife he would do it – “I had no idea how to do it, but I was determined”.
  • At about 16.00 – I have a team of virtual assistants helping me, but I want to keep it online – I want the freedom to go to the beach everyday, and I don’t want to lose that.
  • At about 23.50 – people think affiliate marketing is all about traffic traffic traffic – but it’s actually about finding the right kind of traffic.
  • At about 32.15 – my dad is 70 years old and uploads the videos for me, I hired other people to do it, but he does a better job.
  • At about 39.20 – you can have a great video, but without the right keywords no one is ever gonna see it.

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Erlend Bakke: Hello and Welcome to Hardcore MBA! Today, it is all about YouTube. You might be watching this on YouTube. Little do we know that sometimes my words get tangled? But, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the universe. Well, we actually technically don’t know that.

In any case, I’ve known John Michael for quite a few years now. Sometimes, I go down to Cyprus. We hang out. We play tennis.

John Michael: I lose.

Erlend: And, I won last time.

John Michael: Yeah, you did!

Erlend: Anyway, Cyprus is a beautiful place! We were just talking about how maybe I should just move to Cyprus. And, we could play tennis on a weekly basis.

John Michael: (approves) That sounds fantastic!

Erlend: So, John Michael, so basically last time I saw you was 3 years ago actually. Was it 3 years ago? 2 years ago? Maybe two?

John Michael: Ah about 3 years mmm yeah 2 years ago, 2 years ago yeah.

Erlend: And, you do all your stuff on YouTube and I didn’t really understand it. But now, you know, a lot of things have changed. In your business, you got lots and lots of learning you have done as well. So, today we’ll talk about YouTube and like how to create a YouTube presence, how to make money on YouTube, how to make a YouTube channel. So, I was thinking, it would be really fun if you actually look at our YouTube channel and kind of dissect it and say like – this is good, this is bad, this need to be improved. Because, by doing that all the people listening or watching will also learn more about to how create the foundations. So when you publish a book, there are some foundations or things you need. You need a really good title; you need a really good book cover. Right? That’s number one. Unless you have a really good title and a really good cover, you’d unlikely would sell books.

In business oftentimes, what I do, I want to do a podcast and just do it.  And then, I hear somebody talk about, ‘Why don’t we just put the podcast on YouTube?’ And then, I realized, “Oh, I actually like video better than voice. So, I’m going to focus on the YouTube channel.’ Obviously, if you listen to this on the Podcast, that’s cool but I like doing the visual stuff.

Welcome to the call!

John Michael: Thank you!

Erlend: Where in Cyprus are you residing in from?

JM: It’s a little village by the sea called Pissouri.

Erlend: And I have been there and it’s amazing! You know you’re sitting there and I can tell that it’s sunny!

JM: Yeah, it is!

Erlend: I really want to just get away from London a little bit. So, why did you choose YouTube as a way to make money online?

JM: Alright. First of all, just a very quick background on how I got started and why YouTube. I was on a job 3 years ago and I was really tired. I was working very long hours in that resort where you stayed by the way.

Erlend: Yup! Yup!

John Michael: I was really fed up. We were expecting a baby at that time. I really had no life. I was working all day long. 6-7 days a week. Maybe, 12 hours in average. I was really, really fed up and tired. I want to get out of that so I was looking for ways on how to make money online. I met Marc Anastasi – a very good friend on the resort.  He gave me a book on how many ways to make money online; it was the Laptop Millionaire, different ways to make money online. All that. I was really excited! Anyway, long story short, he talked to me about list building, he took me to his house, he showed me his Get Response account; it’s an Auto Responder. I was really interested and I found some income online through a job that I did for a few months that allowed me to leave or quit my job at that time and focus online. That was researching and looking and trying to build a list and many, many failures along the way. I was buying this… When you’re building a list there is a/something type of advertising called Solo Ads when somebody else mails there list and you pay them per click. Okay maybe 50 cents per click. So, I was buying Solo Ads to build my list in different niches. I did Forex trading for some time but didn’t go very well. Anyway, long story short, I bring all our money, we didn’t have any income coming, I didn’t have a job. You know this income online, this job, was just a few months just to get things started and then that – finish. And the point you met me was when I started how my breakthrough with YouTube and basically we ran out of money so I needed to find ways how to generate free traffic. I was reading up free traffic here, free traffic there, free traffic everywhere. I said, ‘Okay!’ That’s the only way because there’s no money anymore. So literally we had, let’s say, before I saw any success, we had let’s say one week of money to eat. I wasn’t paid more for a long time. So, I was looking for different ways then I bumped into YouTube. So, I went in to YouTube and I typed ‘How to Make Money Online’ and I saw these videos popping up. And they have thousands and thousands of views. And some of these videos had a link below their video and it said click on that link below to find out more. And I clicked on that link and they had a landing page. And people will opt in, put their email and get on a list. So I said, ‘Okay, there’s definitely a way how to generate a built in your list for free traffic with YouTube.’ YouTube is huge. I said, ‘Okay. I will master YouTube! Period.’ You know I was really, really determined. No going back. So, I started studying about YouTube. I didn’t have any money on buying courses so everything I learned was all by me. I don’t recommend that because that’s a long way. But anyway, that’s how I did it. So I started ranking my first video, looking what other people were doing, trying this and trying that. Eventually, I got my first conversion. I was doing CPA – CPA Marketing. Promoting a product and you get a commission.

Erlend: CPA stands for?

John Michael: Cost Per Acquisition.

Erlend: Okay.

John Michael: Basically, it’s a field of Marketing. So, you promote something and you get a commission. So, I made my first commission was like $250. I was like ‘Wow!’

Erlend: Yeah! How did you really feel when that happened?

John Michael: Aaah! It felt like I won a jackpot or something you know! I was like running ‘round the house and jumping up and won. Really, really amazing! It was like the light in the tunnels! It’s like finally I did something that produce some results. So yeah, it was amazing. Like I said, that was many months I was trying too many things and everything were failing. When every time I’m excited about trying something new,  “Ah this will work!” You know I was working like a maniac. I mean like, like a maniac. For many, many months my life was just waking up, sticking in front of the computer, going to the toilet, eating, sleeping at 4 o’clock in the morning. It was like crazy. Crazy! So yeah, that was the light in the tunnel. So that was really desperate you know when you’re not having money and I didn’t really want to go back working. I’m totally through with that.

Erlend: So that’s why you burnt the boats? You know the saying ‘Burn the boat’

John Michael: Yes. So, I uploaded a video related to making money online promoting my landing page. Basically, that video generated this $250. I said ‘Okay I have this and its working. Do more than that.’ So I started uploading and uploading and uploading and uploading videos like crazy. That got me more $250. 1 sale a day. 2 sales a day. 3 sales a day. Before I knew it, my income went from down there to up there. It was amazing. Not the conventional way, no building, a channel having a lot of subscribers. My way was a little bit different. I have countless of channels, thousands of videos. It’s a little bit different. It’s a different approach. Highly recommend having a channel, having a following. But you know, what I did was different. But it worked! And it built a very… I must have built like you know my Aweber list is like a hundred thousand subscribers all along the way. It’s a different list that I have. And  most of them are coming from YouTube.

Erlend: Right. So, you’re an affiliate YouTube Marketer?

John Michael: Basically. Something like that.

Erlend: And, the thing is, for a lot of people I think that when they start a business, they want like instant results. They want the results yesterday.  But the beautiful thing of business is like if you’re able to stay with something, you build this momentum. It’s like bamboo. You plant the bamboo and you water it every day for 5 years and it grows 6 feet in a day or something.

John Michael: I didn’t know that.

Erlend: It’s like bamboo you water it for years everyday then suddenly for a very short of time it will grow a lot.

John Michael: Well that’s business. Online marketing. Things can grow really fast when you get things right. You have the right mindset of course. Like what you said, you stick with it and get a really big momentum.

Erlend: Remember when we played our epic match? What was that hotel called again? The Intercontinental?

John Michael: It’s changed now. It’s not intercontinental. But anyway the resort is Aphrodite Hills.

Erlend: So, Aphrodite Hills. You were leading the match you know. And we were changing sides and I asked you like you fight so much in every ball, ‘How you do that? Why do you do that? What do you tell yourself?’ cos I was interested. You were like, ‘I just tell myself: WIN WIN WIN. Every ball. WIN WIN WIN. “ So I guess the reason im bringing that story up cos that’s something I’ve incorporated into, sort of – when I do things. I think long term when I focus on a task. I focus on like ‘How can I win this?’ ‘How can I  WIN-WIN-WIN?’And it’s become part of my software. The reason Im saying this is when you didn’t have money coming in, when you were desperate, how did you sort of deal with that? How did you feel that time?

John Michael: Ohh. Hard. It was hard but it all comes down to a decision. So I took a decision one day that I will quit my job and I will succeed online. That’s what I told my wife. I will make that happen. Done, I told her. And I had no bloody clue what I was getting into. I had no ideoa what’s a landing page. Nothing. But, I said I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna work online. I’m gonna succeed online. This is what I’m going to do. Period. I was determined. So anything that I did and anything that I thought was towards it – ‘That I will succeed! I will find a way!” Every moment, every failure. That’s what I always say to tell myself – ‘Try to learn new things’. That’s what I think every step of the way. Not everything is successful. There are always failures along the way. That’s how you get to your goal and you become successful by going through all these failures and all these processes. It’s who you become. Really. It’s a journey     final destination. It’s like ‘Okay! We’ve done a thousand a day. Ten thousand a month. Alright, so what’s next?’ You want a next challenge.

Erlend: So, you’re at the point now like you’re making money while you sleep. People are clicking and buying and making you a commission. Where do you want to go in the next 3 years?

John Michael: Actually, now I’m trying different things. I got my affiliate business growing and I want to grow it further.  I’m getting in to new stuff like E-commerce, you know selling tangible goods, mobile marketing. Just different new things.

Erlend: Okay.

John Michael: Basically, what I really like doing is driving traffic to offers and making sales. Either that’s digital, either that’s physical, I enjoy doing that. I’m looking into – what I’ve done now is that I’ve mastered three traffic source. Now I’m getting in to paying traffic where the big game in sales where you can really scale things up to the next level. In affiliate marketing, digital products and physical products. That’s what I’m getting into now. What I want to keep is this – I want to, well, I already have a team online helping me. You know like virtual assistants. And I’ve got my Dad also and my wife. I want to keep it at least now. Let’s say online. I want to have freedom. I go every day to the beach. I don’t want to lose that. I can go for running and I can do different things. I have the freedom of having an online business. I don’t dream of growing to the next level or building a new office, having a little place and going to the office because that kind of reminds me of my previous life when going to work. I don’t know but that’s my thinking. That’s what I want to keep. So, I want to keep it to a point where I’m enjoying life – not just working, working and working.

Erlend: That’s interesting! I’ve realized for quite a few years that the material stuff won’t really do it for me in life. You know. Well, I like looking at Rolls Royce’s. You cycle around and I cycle around London. I love cycling. You know, you see all these Porsche’s Ferraris’s and Rolls Royce’s. And I’m like, I appreciate them. I think tother hey are beautiful cars but they aren’t just important to me. Having time to play tennis, having game night… There’s so many other layers to life that are typically free, or inexpensive and they give me a lot more pleasure.

John Michael: True, true.

Erlend: But it is easy to get caught up in the game of money though. “Oh this person has this.” Because there’s a part of us of wanting more feeling, right? But it think it’s really beautiful what you’re saying because it’s like – “Where I want to be in 3 years?” “I want to continue what I’m doing” “I’m happy where I’m at.” And I think that’s the place where we really excel. Now you’re in a place where you’re doing things because you enjoy them. Definitely, that will make you successful anyway.

John Michael: Exactly!  Yeah, I love what I’m doing. I don’t want to change that. It’s fun. I mean, I don’t consider myself … you know when I ‘work’, well yeah I work hard. Go out, go around, and I build my schedule how I like. But, I do work a lot. I do focus a lot on my work. I don’t feel like ‘just working’ you know. I enjoy it! It’s fun for me. Sometimes I find myself hard to not look on my computer to see what’s going on. You know. I’m kind of addicted to my work.

Erlend: It’s the same for me. I kind of need to have you know like I need to put things on place. Like, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go to yoga in the middle of the day. Just to break up my day. So if not, I’ll just continue sitting there. And, I have to schedule in. Well like basically, humans we need six different things. And work is only one of them…. Communities, Spirituality, Relationships, Physical and I forgot the last ones but we need multi-dimensional things.

John Michael: Yeah. Sure.

Erlend: If you don’t schedule things in, I’ll probably just sit and work. And that’s what I used to do when I sort of had my panic attack. So yeah I was just like “Okay I’ll just work.” Now in terms of Affiliate Program, what Affiliate Program do you recommend to use? We’re currently using iDev.

John Michael: I don’t use an Affiliate Program. I just promote different products, currently through different CPA networks. But, it depends really on what niche you’re talking about. For example, there’s slick band, there’s cache network, JVZoo. When you’re talking about something different, you’re talking about your own product. JVZoo is my use for my course where I teach about Traffic Formula. It’s very popular, very effective, they integrate, get response. I’m very happy with it.

Erlend: For people who are listening, what is JVZoo?

John Michael: Okay, JVZoo basically is an affiliate network where you can go and find different products we promote and we glade it internet marketing. There are different niches but that’s the biggest niche there. For example, ‘How to Rank Your Videos’. So you can go there and grab your affiliate link then promote a course and make a commission. Or you can also be a seller: program your course or whatever you have to sell on that platform and they got all the systems where they give the commissions and everything is done or arranged for you. And of course they get a commission for the service that they offer.

Erlend: So in Affiliate Marketing, do it step by step thing. One: you decide on your niche, Two: you create or drive traffic that offer you make a percentage on selling, right?

John Michael: On average, it’s around 50%. But it can go up.

Erlend: I make money on affiliate marketing but it’s through selling a 360 photography software to the cloents that we have. We make 20% of the commission every month.

John Michael: By selling?

Erlend: Yeah, by selling their software. It’s the same. We promote the software to the clients.

John Michael: Yeah it’s the same. Target the audience that are interested in that. That’s what itv all comes down the traffic. Sell the products.

Erlend: So im not an expert in affiliate marketing, what do people get wrong in terms of affiliate marketing? Why do people not make money doing it. What’s the big challenge with this business model that you have?

John Michael: The biggest challenge is getting the right …. People sometimes think it’s just traffic. Cheap traffic. It’s not all about traffic or whatever. It’s about finding the right traffic, the laser targeted traffic that is absolutely no but the hundred interested on what we have to offer or what we sell.  If you can target buyers in traffic, that’s where you gonna see an increase in your convergence. For example, Youtube, one of the strategies I teach in my coaching is how to find laser targeted buyers traffic. That’s where the convergence goes up. For example, if we’re targeting broad traffic that is interested in making money online, we can get traffic but you don’t see so high convergence. While if your targeting buyers traffic, people who are interested to buy then your convergence increase because you’re targeting somebody who is interested in digital photography and has got a credit card in hand. Somebody bought a product from you and that is where your convergence increases. Some people don’t understand how to tag the right traffic and how to pass the right message and be consistent. What I mean is you have a video talking about X, you got an offer talking about X…then the others Y… the others Z. No consistency in the flow.

Erlend: So I think that’s something not just about affiliate marketing or internet marketing It’s like in any business, right? Like you go to a website, they got like XYZ offer on the website and instantaneously you are confused. Right? Consistency and simplicity is what you’re talking about?

John Michael: Simplicity. Simplicity. Absolutely!

Erlend: What about the first part in terms of traffic? Because a lot of people are challenged by traffic and you yourself in the beginning that was your main problem was like “I’m pain for traffic but it’s not happening!”

John Michael: Without traffic, I mean you have nothing. Nothing works without traffic. Offline business. No customers coming for you to buy. You got nothing for the best product out there. Mastering traffic is the key especially in online business where you can scale things up and you need to understand how to get the right kind of traffic and how to get the traffic to convert. There are three ways to generate traffic which can work great. And it’s fantastic cos it’s free. Once you have the system in place. For example, I don’t do anything with Youtube anymore for now. Spend maybe 10-15minutes a day just to check a few things. And actually, I got my dad now.

Erlend: I want to talk more about your dad. Now, what are those things that you’re checking?

John Michael: I’m checking those keywords we’re going to target. What produts we’re gonna promote. I check my auto-responder and my podcast. Just a few things that I do to make sure that everything is working properly and is generating sales. I’m going to switch an offer when I don’t see it converting. Maybe I will change the landing page.

Erlend: Are you addicted to statistics?

John Michael: No. I’m not into Statistics.

Erlend: Is that your dog?

John Michael: Oh, no. It’s a man in a motorbike outside. Haha. I got the windows open.

Erlend: Oh okay. What I had on the app store, I was checking the ranking of my book. And I like Statistics, downloads for this video, my Podcasts. Is that part of your checking?

John Michael: part of my checking, well yes cos it’s crucial. I mean, if my EPC: Earning Per  Click is dropping. EPC is how many dollars I’m earning per click. That’s a metric that I check every day. So if an offer is making let’s say 2 dollars EPC that is great and if its below or dropping like 50 cents I will; change the offer. So I monitor my EPC’s cos that’s where my money is. So I’m earning through EPC and traffic. If I see the traffic dropping, I have to see ‘Why is it dropping’. Maybe we’re losing some rankings or some of the videos or maybe we need to put some more videos. Maybe we need also to change our landing page. So everything is related together. In the end, the more traffic I bring the higher EPC im getting from my offer – the more money I make.

Erlend: So your formula is, go to ClickBank, JVZoo, and what’s the other one you said?

John Michael: Cashnetwork, too many…

Erlend: So number one, you choose what you want to promote and choose the product you want to promote. And on those affiliations, you can see conversion rates, commission etc. and then you make a Youtube video to promote it.

John Michael: Yeah. More or less. I mean there are different challenges in my course or my coaching program. Generally speaking, you could say like that to simplify it.

Erlend: So, your product is TubeTraffic formula and you can get that at ?

John Michael: Exactly and you can get the course all about Youtube and ranking videos and all that. And I also do 1on1 coaching where we get into all of the hardcore stuff. We can also find a link of that on my website. I got also a processor if my student is qualified for me to coach them. I got some qualifications so we can work together.

Erlend: So, in terms of your dad? Let’s talk about your Dad.

John Michael: My Dad…

Erlend: Cos when we spoke ages ago, “Oh yeah my D ad” and stuff. What’s been his progression? Because some people would go like, “I’m too old” “I’m too young”. You know. How old is your Dad? And, what’s he doing at right now?

John Michael: My Dad is 70 years old. He’s uploading videos for me. I’ve had some other people to upload videos but in the end, I wasn’t happy about it. I’m much happy with my Dad working for it. He’s doing much better job. He’s v very happy to help me in my business. He’s really happy to do that. It is a bit hard to train him because he’s not really tech savvy. And, that’s a message that anybody can do that. If my Dad can do that, so does anybody! It wasn’t easy to train him whenever we have to change something. I need a little patience to show him how to do it. Once he does it a few times then he knows how it works since the tasks are quite repetitive. I tried to keep it simple for him. For example, for an excel, this what we’re uploading, this is the video, this is the description, here are the keywords, here are the tags, these are the titles. He’s got everything. We go to this account, he got everything in the spread sheet and he does it.

Erlend: Sounds similar to this podcast. When it comes to Outsourcing, it’s really important that people understand that there are two different things going on in a business – Projects and Repetitive Tasks. Projects have a start and an end. “Oh, we’re launching this website”, “We’re launching this product” It’s a start and end. Doing that, you want to specialize people that are expert in that area. Right? So, if I’m doing a launching of a product and I’m not great in marketing myself, I’ll hire people to do that project. But for my full-time stuff, what I’ll focus on are these repetitive tasks. Like every podcast episode there’s a video that’s needs to be edited, needs to add things, we need to adjust the sound, we need to edit things in and out. There’s a spreadsheet – very similar to what your Dad does. So, now you could have someone do it full-time since it’s consistent. That’s where a lot of people go wrong where they try doing project-based tasks, they get a VA and say “hey do this project” and they’re like they can’t really do it but you can give them repetitive tasks and it is something you can every week every day, and it becomes consistent. They’re learning, they’re growing and you can build a system for it. Anyway, let’s have a look at our Youtube channel. If you can just screen share? And surprisingly, not many people don’t know how to screen share. So, I use screen sharing a lot in Outsourcing. Like I share my screen and I will talk about things.

John Michael: Alright. So let’s go to the homepage. When somebody lands on your homepage you can see your different videos. But what you can do is you can have a video auto-play. Now, that video auto-play can either be an introduction to your channel. As soon as they go to your channel they can see a video of you “thank you for visiting”. One thing you can do is that. Another thing that is effective that you can do is to have your latest video show up there. You can have your latest videos get more viewers. So, anybody going on to your channel the videos will auto-play. Why would you want to get more views to your video? Because one of the ranking factors are views. The more views, the more engagement you have on your video, the better. You might want the latest podcast you did. You might want the specific video that you want to promote more just have it auto-play. We got description here that’s great. As an affiliate marketer, I’m thinking of the links. Okay, so you got the links to your website. Okay, that’s fantastic! So the most important thing that I’ve noticed in your videos that would definitely be improved, number 1 is to… Do you want more views with your videos?

Erlend: Of course.

John Michael: Okay!

Erlend: I want more than a million views.

John Michael: So, you can get a million of views to your videos, you might have a fantastic video but if you have the wrong keyword no one’s ever gonna see your video. No one’s gonna see that. You need high-quality content. That’s gonna get high number of views and comments which all are ranking factors. If, you have engagement on your videos, but people need to find your video. How do people come across your video? They don’t just magically land on your video. They’ve seen something. Now, you want to know what those people are searching and you want to know the right keywords so they will come find your video again. Otherwise, no one is ever gonna see your video. For example, you’re interviewing an expert on let’s say video on how you make videos or whatever. Let’s say “John Michael in Youtube”. Now, if this is a worldwide known expert, maybe if they just use their name, it’ll show up in Google. Why would people watch this podcast? Okay. For example, this podcast, people would watch it if they’re looking for ways on ranking their videos. So, for example, “How to Rank My Video?” This is an example on how to get more Youtube views. These are the keywords you want to have in your title, description and in your tags. With these keywords, it will attract your audience to get more views. Now, there are different ways to find these keywords. One of them is using the Google Keyword Planner Tool. I’m not going to make this into tutorial. But, basically, if you open Google AdWords account, it’s for free. If you create an account with them, they got a tool there. It’s called Google Keyword Planner. You can type in different keywords and it can also give you ideas for keywords. It can also show you how many searches these keywords are getting. Another very simple way on how you can find keywords which are one of the basic ones that I use, “How to Rank your Videos on Youtube”. So, this is the Prediction Tool. This one shows what people are looking for. So, “How To Rank Your Videos on Youtube”, comes up first. These are all keywords that you can have for your title, description, and tags. This will help you attract the right audience for this podcast. Usually on my video, I would tag it into maximum of 2-3 keywords. You might have, “How to Rank Your Videos”, “How to Get More Views” like those lines. If you want to have your keyword as the main target, you want to have it first on your tag tool. Long-tail keywords are easier to rank for because they are more specific. If I have to upload videos, that would be very broad. If you try to rank your video with that broad keyword, you will be lost. You have no chance in ranking that. That is so much competition and it will be practically impossible. To cut the long story short, if you want to have the right keywords in your title, of course you can have the title of the expert that you are interviewing, you need to have the main keyword that somebody would be looking to find that video. You have to use the Prediction Tool. You can also use the Google Keyword Planner for some inspiration. They can show you which keywords have the most traffic and you can also go to Youtube using the prediction to find more keywords. With these keywords, you might want to incorporate it in your description. In your description, you can explain what the podcast is about with related keywords.

Erlend:What is that software?

John Michael: VidIQ. It’s free. It’s an app. So here, I can see an engagement in your video, how many days it’s been, everything. I use this to spy on ym competitors.

Erlend: Is that on Chrome?

John Michael: It’s on Chrome. Yeah. VidIQ. You can also use this to spy on your competitors. If you’re trying to rank your video or whatever, just grab the keywords and you can use those on videos. It’ll be ranked whether it’s a huge channel that has a lot of subscribers and it’s getting views and it’s ranking. If your channel is very strong, almost any of your videos will rank very well. Again, with the right keywords, you can attract the right audience even if it’s a small channel. Ranking will get high. Just copy the right keywords and use them. Get keywords that match better to what your podcast is all about. You can add and change them also. Another trick that you can do on your channel is that you can add a quote in your tags. What will happen, is when somebody watches related videos, all of your uploads will show up because of the tag. When the video finishes, another video will play with those tags. That’s why it is important to have the right keyword.

Erlend: What’s the benefit of having subscribers?

John Michael: One of the ranking factors of YouTube is engagement. So, if people subscribe to your channel, that means your videos are good. YouTube cannot see your video. They don’t know what we’re talking about. They don’t know whether it’s high-quality. How they determine that is by how long your videos are being watched which is called view retention. How many likes? Even if dislikes are forms of engagement. Comments. Subscribers and all of that is engagement. If you want to have many subscribers, since that shows engagement to YouTube, the more subscribers you have, as soon as you upload your video, they can see that video. You can get more views because of these subscribers. You want to make it easier for them to subscribe. More views to channel and keep your views within you\r channel. Other ideas you might want to add like logo that says your website name or something else or something catchy or just an image overlay or annotation on top of that – that looks like a button or something. Something else that you can have is a slide that says “Recommend a Video”. You can have some thumbnails or images that say “Watch The Next Video”.

Erlend: Is this when you hit pause? Right?

John Michael: No. This is when the video finishes.

Erlend: Okay. But, let’s see if i have that because maybe we do have…

John Michael: I don’t see that.

Erlend: Okay.

John Michael: Ah, okay! But you don’t have anything linked there.

Erlend: What does that mean?

John Michael: To outsource it in the Philippines, you should have to overlay it here. It’s like a button then subscribe. This is like you chose the black color. They will just click it there. You make these things clickable. You have to link it.

Erlend: Right! So i think this is perfect. This is like the fundamental. Now, for everybody that’s listening to this episode or watching on YouTube like get these fundamentals right because everybody is looking for the silver bullet or the one magic trick that’s going to make it happen. But, the thing is, in martial arts, you’d learn the fundamentals, you train the fundamentals again and again. You cannot move up from white belt to yellow belt without getting the fundamentals right. It kind of work on YouTube on how it works in businesses. You need to get some basic down on paper and prove that you can master it before you can move to the next level. I think the fantastic advice here on improving our YouTube channel and would definitely I’ll get to my team and work these videos well and implement all these excellent things that you mentioned. So, where can we go if we want to learn even more? Let’s say, “Oh cool! This is great. I’ll listen to this!” But I actually want somebody else to help me more with it. So, where do we go?

John Michael: You can go to my online home. >>>

I’ll just go quickly here so you can see. Just go to my website and you can get in touch with me from there. You can read more about me. And you can also view my products there. Tube Traffic Formula is a course where I talk about everything we have explained and more details on how to upload videos, how to rank them and how to make them and more. All of those in details. With affiliate marketing, building the list, monetizing and CPA. Anything I’ve explained earlier.

Erlend: So, guys you heard it here on Hardcore MBA~ Head over to if you want to learn more about how to do what he does. He lives a freedom lifestyle. It’s in Cyprus. He spends time with his family. Goes to the beach every day. Exercises. You know he has supply of freedom business blue print which is Affiliate Marketing. You know, If he can do it, you can do it! He’s been kind enough to share this in his work as well. So, head over to . And guys, if you enjoy this podcast, if you like listening to me on your phone, in your ears or whether you’re watching this video, it really helps us as you heard during this podcast. Just hit like or just write a comment or you know take a minute to write a review. It really helps reach to our audience. It’s really good for us to see that we are getting more engagement. If you can do that, I would be forever grateful!

Thank you so much for being on this episode, John!

John Michael: Thank you Erlend for having me! Nice talking to you again!

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