How To Win Friends And Influence People Book Review And How To Use It

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How To Win Friends And Influence People is a book I have read 4-5 times and I love how well it works in life and business. It´s common sense, but the problem with common sense is that it´s not so common.

This episode, as we discuss the book, will make you feel uplifted and motivated to take the next steps in your business.

I read 10 books every single year and this is part of it. If you want to know what my top 10 books are, I love to read them again because, through repetition, you’ll learn more to apply things in life.

Throughout the years, when I was still starting my business, I was so self-centered and realized that it’s not making me happy even if I have more money. Happiness is found in the contribution and giving service to others. How can you be happy in your business?

Simple. Since we were born with talents, you can either improve your natural-born talent or learn a new one. But I believe that finding happiness in business is honing your talents towards mastery and at the same time add massive value to other people.

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