How To Write Your First Book or E-book

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After having written 3 books, two of which have become #1 Bestsellers I look back and think wow, but when I started on my first book the journey ahead seemed very cloudy. Here are my tips on how to write your very first book and position yourself as an expert.

You can make money by writing a book. One strategic thing to do is Positioning. When you are writing a book, it teaches you a lot of things that you might have been doing unconsciously.

It’s a very educational way of getting things done through paper and communicating them to your audience.

Here is my shortlist on how to get started:

  • No need to know the title yet, just outline the chapters
  • Don’t worry so much about quality because you can always have an editor
  • Look for talented people and leverage those in making things happen — cowrite– have your own team
  • 7 to 8 chapters is enough for a start
  • Write the intro and outro
  • Have a bonus material



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