I’mPossible Project: Changing the Impossible to Possible with Joshua Rivedal

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Mental health is becoming a more talked about subject, and luckily we had the opportunity to talk to a talented author who wrote a book series – The I’mpossible Project and the book: The Gospel According to Josh- Mr. Joshua Rivedal.

Passionate about sharing his inspiring story, Joshua talks about his own battle with mental illness, depression and suicidal tendencies. He shared how he finally managed to overcome, sought medical help, found his purpose in service of others, and advocating mental health and creating a platform to gather and to listen to incredible stories from different people who shared the same stories across the globe.

Matthew and Josh discussed:

  • Josh’s quick snapshot of what’s keeping him busy in recent months.
  • Josh’s inspiring backstory and how he ended up aggressively advocating for mental health awareness.

  • More insightful perspectives from the man behind The I’mPossible Project here’s some sneak peek:

               1. In some cases, unknowingly, our mental illness can- instead of being a

                   liability, it can  actually be an asset to one’s entrepreneurial career

              2. We put our barriers and mental health into what we are doing every day

              3. You have to manage your anxiety everyday-about

                   being self-aware and being consistent with managing your anxiety


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