Flowing Like Water to Carve a Canyon of Success with Lak Loi

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lak-loi-150x150One of the worst possibilities in the world for me is for things to be one-dimensional. Sure, we all want to make money, build better outsourced teams, and improve our sales techniques – but you can’t spend all your life thinking about business. That’s not balanced – it takes away the whole point of being an entrepreneur, which is the freedom to work on yourself and to spend time away from the stress of work.

That’s why this week I’m chatting with Lak Loi, who seamlessly combines the world of work with a passion for personal development of a unique kind. Lak is actually an instructor of Jeet Kune Do, the martial art from that Bruce Lee developed, and is one of the few remaining instructors to have a direct lineage back to Bruce himself.

“Be patient like water – water just flows, and it takes thousands of years to erode beautiful shapes into cliff faces, but it gets there eventually, it doesn’t rush.”

In the rest of the podcast, Lak and I talk about:

• The struggles, breakthroughs, and innovations that Bruce Lee himself worked through in his life.
• The four states of flow, and how to go from having no vision and no happiness, to having both.
• And how to use martial mind power to master your mind, your vision, and your communication skills, and to set yourself up for future success.

I strongly advise you to listen to this one, it’s a fascinating insight into a very different kind of approach from the ones we usually discuss here on Invincible Entrepreneur. And if you want to find out more about Lak and his training, check out www.martialmindpower.com.

See you next week!

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