Lean Business and Bootstrapping

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A lean business is about being clever and applying the magical tool of entrepreneurship in life which is turning something into something of more value. It is about having the ability to be more innovative and using smarter tools and techniques to make things happen.

The magic of entrepreneurship is when you can turn $1 to $10 then continue to do it to scale up and become a larger company, keeping your costs low and your profits high.

Do what you have to do. If you have the vision, do what you can do with as little money as possible to prove your maker or to prove that this is the concept that is going to work.

Tricks to having a successful business:

  • Track awesome people
  • Be scrappy — we don’t really need brand new stuff
  • Be innovative
  • Save deals — don’t waste money
  • Be creative
  • Be a good negotiator


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