Less Doing, More Living. Opt to Leverage! with Ari Meisel

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This week’s episode will teach you about how automation, process augmentation, and outsourcing works in growing your business and personal brand! You’ll learn a lot of helpful insights from Ari Meisel who’s an entrepreneur, author, CEO, and productivity expert, and also the founder of outsourcing platform, Leverage.

Matthew and Ari discussed:

  • The snapshot of what’s keeping Ari busy these past weeks and his amazing journey behind the art of doing less and living more
  • How Leverage offers individuals and enterprises road-tested methods to optimize, automate, and outsource everything, and learning how to work smarter instead of harder
  • The importance of Identifying what existing process you have and how you could do it better; if you can get a software instead of outsourcing; and figure out the type of people you want on board as part of your Virtual Assistant team
  • The correct framework and common big mistakes in choosing to leverage

  • Recommendation for identifying what the business really needs, if the tasks can be entrusted to an application or not, creating a perfect process and making one’s self-replaceable to benefit from leveraging oneself
  • Tools they are currently using and they can recommend for process augmentation and automation
  • Ari’s advise and perspectives in benefiting from outsourcing almost everything you do in business and in life so you can focus on what’s more important

Show Notes:

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