Letting Go In Life and Business

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When you have that much going on, how do you stay this attached? How do you maintain the passion and drive while still being relaxed, sleeping, and being balanced among all those other things? How do you have a passion for something?

We all have pretty much a little struggle on this because if you are so passionate about something, how do you stay dis-attached or nonattached to whatever you are doing?  When life changes and has a big impact on you. The point is, all we can do is act in faith and let go of the outcome. We have to accept what happens because we only have limited control over our lives. We’d like to think that we have massive amounts of control but we have an extremely limited amount of control.

I think we need to have a large level of acceptance in letting go of business and entrepreneurship in life. There’s a couple of habits that you can do that I find really helpful. When we busy our minds too much, we can make very bad decisions.

I believe in:

  • calming down the mind
  • going for a slow walk in nature
  • doing some form of meditation
  • do one thing at a time
  • do more softer things

Then, you actually recharge better and you could do business better. Do what you can do, let go of the rest and try to live life and be happy.



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