More About Digital Technology and its Impact on our Society with Rodney Wallace, Ph.D

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Business and society have been transformed by digital technology. Yet, as we implement it, society is suffering immeasurable side effects. What we are able to do with digital technology is incredibly impressive-however, with information overload, It could be confusing and misleading! How should we deal with it?

Let’s hear from our guest Rodney Wallace in this week’s podcast episode. Rodney is an economist, a keynote speaker, a business strategist and now an author of the book: Drowning in Potential-” Can American Society Survive Digital Technology?”

He helps leaders understand and embrace our rapidly evolving world while creating innovative approaches to our most complex problems and provides a unique perspective on how our accelerating world is impacting society, culture, and economy—and eventually how we can prosper in this new business climate.

In this episode, Matthew and Rodney discuss:

  • What’s been engulfing Rodney’s world of light? And his focus recently.
  • How Rodney shed a light into the dark side of information overload as some are misleading and confusing.
  • His perspectives and best advice on how to deal with technology and how it should serve or create a positive impact on our society.

  • About building a business having a virtual element- using tools and software and how to approach this type of system efficiently.
  • Giving more focus on purpose-driven leadership from society’s perspective.
  • The benefits of instilling a clear purpose-driven leadership in your organization as follows:
  1. you’ll get inspired- because you’re working towards the benefit of the society
  2. people will be more aligned towards a common goal
  3. you can deliver a value whatever your vision is and eventually get a portion of that value later on



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