Morning Routine with Erlend Bakke

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Everyone has a morning routine but only a few have an established one. Meaning to say, a morning routine that’s planned out will eventually help you in your daily life.

Erlend talks about his morning routine and how he started on it in 2011. He started out just simply working every day and didn’t really had the habits of a successful entrepreneur. It takes a long time to implement habits, takes about 66 days. Erlend even tried drawing 66 blocks on a sheet of paper and marking it down daily.

Here are some of Erlend’s personal routine:

  • Yoga breathing. It creates more energy in your body. This is equal counting 4 both to inhale and exhale.
  •  Going to the toilet, pee to get rid of the toxins.
  •  Brushing each side of his teeth 30 seconds long.
  • Drinking half a liter of water to start his stomach working.
  • Taking Fish oil Omega 9 and 3, good for the brain.
  • Transcendental meditation and on some days, a 30-minute yoga.
  • A daily dose of green smoothie; green food with ginger.
  • Reading The Daily Stoic


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