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rsz_mark2-150x150This week on Hardcore MBA podcast is a real inspiration. Mark Divine used to work in the corporate world – “I followed the herd, but I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about it”, as he puts it. He looked around and saw how focused purely on money the people around him were, and how they were wealthy but unhappy. At that point, he realized he didn’t want to go the same way, and returned to his roots in physical fitness, becoming both a Navy SEAL commander and an expert in karate, as well as writing three New York Times bestsellers.

“I didn’t want to live a life of mediocrity, with my self-worth based on my bank account,” he told me. “I wanted to prove I could stay fit for the rest of my life, and that I could train my mind and my body to realize their potential.”

Mark’s training, in programs like SEAL Fit and Unbeatable Mind, take an integrated approach to the mind and body. “We can achieve so much more with this approach, so much more than we think we’re capable of. If you work out in the gym, that’s fine, that’s good; but if you work out the mind, body, and spirit together – people always tell me that they have remarkable results within only three months when they start to take this integrated approach. They’re able manage stress better, they have breakthroughs in their worldview, many things improve for them.”

“Your mind is like a wild stallion – it’s very beautiful and powerful, but you need to tame it if it’s going to be useful. You don’t lose your mind or let go of it when you meditate, you learn to use it more powerfully.”

In the rest of the podcast, Mark and I discuss:

  • The ‘five mountains’ – the different aspects of yourself that Mark’s training encourages us to develop to their fullest.
  • The importance of habits, goals, and finding the silver lining in every day’s events.
  • And how disciplined daily practice combines with intense, one-off ‘crucible events’ to produce the best results.

I really encourage you to listen to this podcast, take in Mark’s words of wisdom, and – if you like what you hear – check out some more information on his training afterwards. Mark’s books are available on Amazon, and much more is available at and

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