Navy Seal Training for Entrepreneurs with Kevin Maurer

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I often say that being an entrepreneur requires a certain amount of bravery – you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take action if you want to see success. But on today’s Kevin Maurerpodcast we have a guy who’s braver than most. Kevin Maurer is a military reporter and the author of several books who has previously been embedded with the US army in Iraq and Afghanistan, two of the most dangerous places on earth.

But as well as seeing the high levels of physical fitness that men and women on the battlefield have – and I always advocate for keeping your body healthy even as an entrepreneur sitting in a chair most of the day – Kevin emphasises that mental preparedness is a big issue. “There’s this image that all soldiers are meatheads, and that’s not really true. Special forces, in particular, are usually the smartest people on the battlefield, they’re often bilingual, and they need to be culturally sensitive when they’re called upon to train foreign forces.”

“Drills like that can be very useful to entrepreneurs and their teams too – you perform to your level of preparation, so if you can find the right drills to do to get your team to practice the skills they need, then when real-life situations come about that require those skills, they’re ready to go and they execute them automatically.”

In the rest of the podcast, Kevin talks about:

  • The massive success of his previous book about the Osama bin Laden mission, No Easy Day.
  • The psychology of the kind of people who become special forces and Navy SEALs, and how those characteristics can also be found in successful entrepreneurs.
  • The importance of training, communication, and perseverance – whether in training the body or the mind.
  • And much more.

So check out this fascinating discussion with an excellent writer and a great thinker. When you’re done, check out Kevin’s website at Kevin’s latest book, No Hero: The Evolution of a Navy SEAL, co-written with Mark Owen.

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