Podcast Mistakes and Lessons To Be Learned by Erlend Bakke of Hardcore MBA

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In this week’s episode of Hardcore MBA, we finally hear from our very own founder  Mr. Erlend Bakke with his co-host Matthew Turner (author of The Successful Mistake) as they shared their wisdom and their amazing journey in Hardcore MBA.

Matthew and Erlend discussed:

  • Erlend’s big motivations in founding Hardcore MBA and doing podcasting
  • The twists and turns of Erlend’s journey in podcasting
  • Podcasting as a potential vehicle for meeting someone, learning from smart people, befriending them, learning and getting inspiration from them-building networking opportunity

  • About Erlend’s perspective about adding value to everything in a deeper sense to make a positive impact on other people’s life
  • Matthew’s appreciations in his journey with Hardcore MBA
  • Key lessons of Erlend, his suggestions on what are the right things to do and to avoid doing in podcasting



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