Rob Moore, The Disruptive Entrepreneur

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This week’s Hardcore MBA guest is the holder of two amazing records – the longest speech ever given by a single speaker, and the longest team speech ever given, both approved by the Guinness Book of Records! Rob Moore is also the co-founder of Progressive Property, a great resource for anyone looking to educate themselves about property investment before diving in.

In the podcast, Rob and I discuss:

  • How Rob got started, and the ups and downs that entrepreneurs face in the first year or two of any business.
  • The importance of using those early years to stay lean, keep overheads low, and increase profit margins.
  • Why there’s no such thing as a ‘self-made’ man or woman.
  • And the necessity of taking a long-term view when entering the property market, rather than trying to get in and cash out quickly.

Rob has a wealth of great experience in the real estate business, and really does look forward to helping as many people as possible join the industry. I strongly advise you to check out Progressive Property and consider trying out some of their training – and you can also add Rob on Facebook and check out his iTunes podcast The Disruptive Entrepreneur.

Do you have experience of investing in the property market? Any lessons to share? Let us know in the comments!

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