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Sabrina-iovinoOne of the greatest things about becoming an entrepreneur and living the freedom lifestyle is the ability to go anywhere, anytime. Most of us dream about travelling and seeing the world, but it can seem like a faraway fantasy when you’re stuck in a day job. Sabrina Iovino is one person who wasn’t prepared to let it remain a fantasy – she left Germany, hit the road on a one way ticket, and has barely looked back since – she’s now a travel blogger and literally gets to make money while living her dream lifestyle.

“It all began when I visited Thailand and realized that although I was there for a holiday, a lot of other really fun people were living there long-term because of the lifestyle and how cheap it is. So I headed back to Germany, saved up for ten months, sold all of my things in eBay and elsewhere, and flew back. I had no idea how long I would be gone, but it turned out to be a year-and-a-half.”

And how much were you spending during that time? How much did you need to get by? “It depends a little on where you are, but I spent about $600-$1,000 a month at that time. Later, when I started monetizing my blog (I didn’t do that straight away, because I wanted to build an audience before I started having too much advertising), I was living in Istanbul and sharing a flat with my boyfriend, so I first aimed to make €500 a month, because you can live on that in Turkey. Actually I now make quite a bit more than that.”
In the rest of the podcast, Sabrina talks about:

  • Her eight steps to freedom, which was voted as one of the most inspiring blog posts of the last year.
  • The good experiences she’s had with Couchsurfing as a way to keep accommodation costs down.
  • And the ways in which she has monetized her blog and created multiple revenue streams.

So check it out, and take a look at Sabrina’s website and social media platforms. After that, you can start thinking about your own dream destination!

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