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In this episode of the Hardcore MBA, we’re back with our co-host Matthew Turner, author of The Successful Mistake and Greg Hickman, Marketing Funnel Automation Guru and CEO-Founder of

“Action without nurture isn’t really going to work effectively”.

In this interview, the importance of understanding who your customer is and what your customer needs, will go along way in getting them on board in Marketing Automation.

Different customer means different approach.

Topics discussed are:

  • Greg’s journey in the marketing automation, from Mobile Marketing  to Traditional, Greg used Infusionsoft specifically the marketing automation tool to help streamline the delivery of the consulting and service of his Mobile agency.
  • What is What is Marketing Automation Technology and what can it do?
  • Biggest mistakes people do in Marketing Automation
  • Greg and his team’s ingredients to success
  • How to start doing things the right way

Greg has always been fascinated with how a lot of the mentors and the people that he followed had built businesses online,  “You can only see so much from the outside and I understood that they are using automation but there are a lot of other systems and process outside of automation that I could not see, and I know that I need to emulate those things so basically I went behind the scenes with these people, started helping them with their automation, and their Infusionsoft, then I got to see the inner workings of these businesses that were going from 6 to even 7 plus figures”

He discovered:

  • What funnels they were creating
  • What automation they had
  • How do they structure their team
  • What processes they leverage internally  
  • Each customer must be spoken to differently, as the way each enter and engage into your funnel will be different.
  • Mistake people do is making just one funnel and placing all leads into that. If you are good, this practice would result to 20% conversion, meaning 80% will not be buying. Often times, this would just have a 5% conversion. 95% will be wasted.
  • Some of the most successful in the Marketing Automation are those who have nurtured their clients for weeks and months or even years.
  • People are responding to transparency and authenticity.

“As they go from a customer to a colder audience, the level of commitment is a lot lower, and the specificity of the problem becomes bigger” – Greg

Show Notes:

  • As per Derek Halpern, “there are three types of customer awareness oblivious, afflicted and informed, equivalent to cold, warm and hot respectively.”
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