Steal that Social Media Spotlight! Be that Sexy, Savvy, Awesome You with Amy Landino

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For quite a time, Amy Landino proved the world that she’s more than just a “pretty face”. This all-star Youtuber, social media icon showed what it takes to become super awesome in what she really loves doing- video blogging. She blew us away with her sharp-witted talks, creatively done contents, and practical advice to whatever on point and sensible topics that would cross her mind.

In this week’s episode, Amy will generously share her practical tips and some guiding principles about how to steal that social media spotlight, start making a name in video blogging, creating money out from vlogging and eventually grow and explore to other neighboring careers over time.

Matthew and Amy discussed:

  • About what’s keeping Amy busy these days and what she’s up to
  • Her guiding principles that made her to the top and keeping her head on top of everything
  • Her practical advice as to how to become sexy, savvy and pretty awesome in whatever we do

  • Amy’s backstory- how she gracefully embraced the challenges of:

– YouTubing or video blogging for almost 10 years

– earning public demands to do speaking engagements

– writing down a book like a manual to video blogging the-Vlogging like a boss book

– and now, owning creative companies, Aftermarq and Vlogging like a boss studios


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