Surge: Time the Marketplace, Ride the Wave of Consumer Demand, and Become Your Industry’s Big Kahuna by Mike Michalowicz

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This week’s Hardcore MBA guest is a good friend of mine who’s written some of my favourite business books, including The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, The Pumpkin Plan, and Profit First. He’s Mike Michaolowicz, and on this week’s podcast, he tells us about the principles underlying those books, and gives us the lowdown on his latest release, Surge.

In the podcast, Mike and I discuss:

  • Why you should reverse the usual order of business and reserve the profit before the operating costs.
  • How a lack of resources can force your company to be more innovative.
  • The many ways in which business can be compared to surfing.
  • How to ride a wave of innovation, and how to know when you should dump one wave and hop onto another one.
  • And why Mike has his own rallying cry for what he wants to achieve.

Mike is one of those guys who can see business principles in a whole host of seemingly mundane activities – for him, everything seems to illustrate lessons that businesses can learn. Because of that, this podcast absolutely flies by, like a good conversation should, and I strongly recommend you give it a listen. When you’re done, don’t forget to check out Mike’s website for free book chapters and other goodies.

Did you pick up and tips or tricks from this week’s podcast? Let us know in the comments.

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