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What I love about the book The Daily Stoic aside that it’s from Ryan Holiday is that you can just sit back and read a portion daily. The book is composed of advice from ancient Roman Stoics about life. Their philosophies are solid and work with a lot of things. It works well for entrepreneurs’ work, wealth and popularity.

Marcus Aurelius who was at one point, the richest person on earth tells us not to pursue wealth, fame, and popularity because it will guide you to pain and suffering and has very little value to itself.

The world is exactly the same for thousands of years. I don’t believe that we are more technologically advanced like the way before just because we have an Apple watch.

What we should do is be of service to humanity and serve the world. As an entrepreneur, instead of thinking how to become rich, why don’t you think of creating products and services that will actually bring value? You cannot control fame, wealth and popularity– they control you. But you can control being in service to people, going out there, satisfied and happy. Nobody can take that away from you.





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