The Importance of Being in the Now and Living the Journey with Matthew Turner

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA, Erlend Bakke talks to Matthew Turner (author of The Successful Mistake). In this interview, Erlend and Matthew discuss transition, the importance of transition and being in the now, and the period between when a project ends and before the next one begins.

They discuss:

  • Matthew’s current state of transitioning to a new house, being a new parent and becoming a family.
  • They talk about being in the now. This moment is what really exists, you can’t predict the future.
  • They discuss being purely at the moment and the now, and how you need to appreciate where you are, but also know where you are going.
  • Goals and being goal oriented can also cause stress. Being goal oriented is not necessarily healthy. Having a specific goal (ie. at thirty years old I will own an island or sell my company for this huge amount) and then not getting it can be counter-intuitive. It becomes about the destination, and you obsess about it instead of what the journey is.

  • Goals set as a compass rather than a roadmap, knowing where you want to be or where you are going.
  • Goals can also change along the way, what you want, your outlook. Setting a subjective goal can also open yourself up to change because change is part of life and an important part of growth.
  • Intention versus goals, the intention of moving forward towards growth. Intention gets lost in transition when you rush things instead of being in the now.
  • Mourn your projects and then move to the next.

Show Notes:


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