The importance of Content Marketing in Blogging by Jeet Banerjee

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jeet banerjee hardcore mba podcastIn this episode of Hardcore MBA, Matthew Turner (author of The Successful Mistake) talks to Jeet Banerjee, serial entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, author, blogger and TEDx speaker.

They discuss:

  • Jeet’s company StatFuse, an online platform that assists high school students on the whole college admission process, how to analyze their college applications, and provides them the help to get admitted into the Universities of their choice.
  • After StatFuse was acquired by LendEDU, Jeet had the free time to do some research and educate himself further. Together with his partner, they decided on launching an urban supplements brand.
  • As Jeet was also facing his own personal battle of having constant migraine, and the other health issues experienced by his family, he started to research a remedy with the caution in mind on taking in prescription medication that are said to damage our kidneys and liver, that led him to the path of urban natural reliefs.
  • How Jeet has overcome his skepticism on the effectivity of  this century old remedies that are being marketed today by companies as they are, from the people from the 1800’s.
  • The launching of Zenergy with its Mission statement: “Bringing all time remedies to a modern world.”
  • Jeet’s personal blog on his experiences as an entrepreneur, the lessons and things he learned which may help other people in their endeavour.
  • Talking about blogging, creating the content and marketing the content
  • Jeet discussed the two main reasons why he dived in on personal branding and the blogging aspect.

Your Personal brand is the one thing that lives with you for the rest of your life. The only brand that will stick with you is your personal brand, not the company that you are part of or even the company that you launch. Based on his experience after building a company for 5 years and selling it, people don’t know who he is, but only the name of the company and the company brand.

Entrepreneurs such as Neil Patel and Gary Vaynerchuck were among the entrepreneurs who were posting blogs that he looked up to get some ideas that has helped him on the early stages of his entrepreneurial life, thus blogging is like giving back, as it is now his time to share his knowledge, experiences and expertise in response to the surge of inquiries he gets from emails, facebook and twitter.

  • In creating a blog, one must be able to balance it, tying up profit with creating the content and promoting it.
  • A lot of bloggers put on premium content, but the question is, is this valuable to your audience? One should be laser focused, and know who your audience is.  Understand where they are from and what do they need.
  • How to monetize the blog? Is the content worth pulling the credit card out?
  • In marketing standpoint, there is similarities on promoting the blog and promoting a content.
  • More steps in conversion funnel, it doesn’t mean that one has read your blog that automatically it will be converted to a sale.
  • You really have to build an authentic relationship with your audience and get their trust.
  • Building a personal brand in blogging is far more deeper than any other business.
  • Difference between looking for product from just looking for information.
  • Figure out what you really are good at, or partner with someone who can compliment your work and fill in the blanks. You don’t have to do everything yourself.

4 Steps on blogging:

  1. Content (what do people want, ask your audience)
  2. Writing the Content
  3. Promotion
  4. Direction (tie up everything and make sales)     

Breaking up the writing process:

  1. Come up with several topics (basic title)
  2. Create an outline (introduction, body & conclusion)
  3. Blog writing
  • Jeet shares how effective he becomes when breaking up in a day the whole process of blogging
  • On Marketing, Jeet maximizes Twitter as it has been a key in terms of getting eyeballs in driving traffic and the use of hashtags
  • The importance of building an organic relationship even with those who might not be relevant to you, but might found your post relevant to them and to their audience. That increases the possibility of your blog being retweeted.
  • The importance of responding to your followers in Twitter         
  • The outreach can actually lead to an idea for the next blog post
  • You can find success by knowing where is your audience at and what is the best way to reach them.

In this interview, Jeet emphasizes the imperative need in engaging your media followers in creating the right blog. That it is essential to strike a balance between Creative (content) and Business (sales) in creating blogs in order to get stellar result.

For more information on Jeet Banerjee check out:

  • Website:
  • Instagram: @thejeetbanerjee
  • Twitter:@TheJeetBanerjee
  • Youtube TEDx talk below

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