The Importance of Keeping Your Sponsors Happy with Sachit Gupta

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA Matthew Turner, author of The Successful Mistake talks to the Founder of SG Media Labs Sachit Gupta, an influencer and podcast extraordinaire.

In this interview, Sachit Gupta has shared how he has helped authors, podcasters or people with Instagram or Youtube followings get paid to grow their business. He has substantially discussed the importance of understanding the role of sponsors in your growth.

They discuss:

  • Getting eyeballs to the product through podcast or blogs
  • How to monetizing your podcast
  • Various ways to monetize sponsorship
  • Misconception about Sponsorships being a holy grail
  • Understanding what the sponsors want:
    • What is the ROI your sponsors expect?
    • Can your audience give back to your sponsors?
    • What is your Sponsor’s customer acquisition cost or their CPM (Cost per Thousand)?
  • Who is your audience? What are the problems people have?
  • Optimizing Paid Acquisition
  • Organic blogging
  • Behind your podcast, there must be a product.

Show Notes:

  • Andrew Warner, Mixergy (
  • For more information on Sachit Gupta check out:
    • Website:
    • Instagram: @sachitgupta
    • Twitter:@ sachitgupta
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