The Importance of Tracking your Habits by Akash Karia

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA, Matthew Turner (author of The Successful Mistake) talks to Akash Karia, a bestselling author, renowned speaker and an all-star in productivity and forming new habits.

In this interview, Matthew and Akash discuss habit formation and being productive and being your best self.

They discuss:

  • Akash’s expertise in Habits & Productivity
  • The process of creating the habit, the science behind it
  • Key Obstacles in Building Habits

  • His new book which focuses on increasing productivity by harnessing the secrets of the world’s most productive people.
    • What are the unique things that these CEO, elite-athletes and ultra-productive people do differently than most of us?
    • How do they structure their day?
    • How do they go about building these productive habits?
    • How do these successful people maintain their productive lifestyle, while also enjoying the level of quality of life that most people only dream of?
  • Comparing the old Akash to the new Akash, and this is well represented by his own physical health journey. His old lifestyle made him very sick, because of having a bad habit in terms of what he eats brought by being overwork.
  • His 5-minute Rule which builds the small habits

Show Notes:


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2 thoughts on “UNCENSORED with Dan Pena, the 50 Billion Dollar man calls me a Cu#”$$”! (Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics)

  1. Tyler Basu

    Wow great job getting Dan to do an interview with you! He is the mentor to Dan Lok, an entrepreneur from Vancouver whom I have come to know quite well. Dan (Lok) talks about the impact Dan Pena had on his life all the time. Now I know why!

  2. Mat Ven

    You mentioned Napoleon Hill and Outwitting book, you wanted to continue but you were interrupted by Dan, what did you want to say?

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