The Little Black Business Book with Jenn Scalia

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Although we always try to keep a good gender balance here at Hardcore MBA, the world of business can often be quite a male-dominated space – especially when it comes to entrepreneurs. That’s why it’s great to hear that this week’s guest, Jenn Scalia, aims her work primarily at female entrepreneurs looking to find their way into the freedom lifestyle. jenn-scalia-

In the podcast, Jenn and I discuss:

  • Why she moved from one-to-one coaching to a membership website model.
  • How Jenn gets customers into her marketing funnel.
  • The importance of using bad experiences to learn lessons and improve.
  • Why all online entrepreneurs need to get out of the mindset that having a website means free marketing forever.
  • And the best way to start building an outsourced team to take care of your business.

Jenn is doing excellent work in encouraging more female entrepreneurs to take their first steps in the world of business, but this week’s podcast contains great information for anyone of any gender who wants to improve their marketing and give their work a kickstart. If you enjoyed the podcast, check out Jenn’s website, where you can get a free gift as a listener of Hardcore MBA! And let us know in the comments if you enjoyed the show, or if you have suggestions for future guests!

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