The Missing Truth from Traditional Money Advice with Jen Hemphill

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This week’s episode talks about Money in a way that goes beyond the conventional advice we usually hear. Our guest Jen Hemphill: author of the book, ‘Her Money Matters: The Missing Truth from Traditional Money Advice’ uncovers new and practical advice that helps women unleash their inner confidence so they can manage their finances and experience financial freedom.

Matthew and Jen discuss:

  • Jen’s story about her journey behind how she came up with her advice on managing money
  • Her influences and motivations behind becoming a money coach
  • The wrong mindset and wrong practices of handling money

  • Three money stories that really tie into that money mindset: 1.past story: your upbringing, your views around money; 2.your present view about money: it could be you have shifted your views or repeated that cycle; 3.your future money story: how you want your life to be; how you want to feel about money
  • Jen’s recommendations: Powerful Combination: 1. Master your relationship with Money; 2. Master your money Skills
  • More principles and perspectives about how should handle money matters in a simple yet very effective manner


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