The Truth About Personal Development

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In today’s Hardcore MBA podcast, Erlend and Matthew talk about personal development. Their takes and experiences in their own personal growth.

Topics you shouldn’t miss are:

  • On Tony Robbins. Erlend explains how listening to Tony Robbins influenced him in his personal growth. Tony Robbins explained things to him in a way that he never understood before. However, Erlend has a caveat. A lot of Tony Robbins’ material is ego masturbation. Erlend believes that if you live your life trying to look good for other people, you can never be satisfied because you cannot please all people. You can’t make everyone happy. Matthew believes that Tony Robbins is more like an alpha male. He feels that Tony Robbins’ approach may be unconventional. It’s more about getting people to do something big in front of others. Matthew thinks that in real life, significant events or decisions you make may not necessarily have a big audience. Erlend believes you can have a magical moment but it depends on what you value which could be a good cup of coffee with a good friend.

On going to personal development seminars

Erlend also gives practical advice on questions you need to ask yourself before you decide to attend a seminar. He also says that sometimes, people who take his course and don’t finish it. Matthew believes that people (including him) are so useless at being patient. We get excited about those promises offered by those who give courses but it takes personal commitment on our part.

  • Erlend’s attended a lot of seminars on personal development and listened to a lot of gurus including:
    • The Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker where he learned a lot about how money affects you, how you think about money and putting money in different buckets.
    • Keith Cunningham did a 4-day MBA course. He’s the original Rich Dad. He was the mentor of Robert Kiyosaki. Keith Cunningham went from millionaire to dead broke with millions of debt. He has a lot of real-life experience. He’s real, he’s pure and he doesn’t bullshit. It was an expensive course at $6,000 for 4 days. Erlend learned amazing things from there and felt that he got his money’s worth, making it back many times.
    • Business Freedom by Eric Edmeades where he learned about how to systemize the business and how to treat employees. Erlend teaches the same thing but he has learned stuff and has met cool people.

On making money online schemes

What is being taught is how they can teach people to make money online. When it comes to online marketing courses, if it’s about selling a course that teaches people to do the same thing the speaker does, it’s a ponzi scheme. How is the speaker making money? Erlend then talks about 5 areas in Never Work Again: drop shipping, affiliate products, digital products, information marketing, and licensing. He then gives advise on how to use this to your advantage. He then recommends a book by Daniel Priestly, Keeper of Influence on information marketing.

Although Erlend believes in learning from others, you need to ask yourself questions. Erlend brings up some very good points. Matthew suggests that you shouldn’t be a sheep. Model after other people but there needs a twist of you in it. Otherwise, you’re all going to do the same thing. Erlend suggests that you should own your own mind. Personal power over you is having control over three things. Listen in and learn what they are.

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