This is How Two Successful Authors Start Each Morning (+ Introducing Our New Co-host)

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Welcome to Season 2 of Hardcore MBA. This season, we have teamed up with Matthew Turner, author of “The Successful Mistake”. We will give you your weekly dose of core business strategies straight from world-class entrepreneurs, experts and interesting personalities.

In today’s episode, let’s catch up with our awesome podcast hosts: Erlend and Matthew. You definitely shouldn’t miss this episode.

Get to know our new host, Matthew Turner.  Matthew has written many books, including “The Successful Mistake”: where he interviewed 163 entrepreneurs about how they transformed their failures into success.

He’s been on an incredible journey over the last few years, meeting all these successful and inspiring people.  He has also been building his personal brand — which has kept him busy — whilst applying everything he’s learned from those successful thought-leaders.

Erlend’s upcoming book. Erlend is currently working on his latest book with Steve Shoulder, a turnaround expert. It’s not his framework and his insights, but it is an industry Erlend wants to get into.  His job is to make it marketable, interesting, and engaging. He has found working with Steve enjoyable, although also finds this collaborative process challenging at times. Steve Shoulder has worked with Shell, BMW, and Koernig, and when working with these big companies, he uses a 7 Step Process which sets them up for larger profits.  This process can also be used to turnaround your own business and life.

Morning Routines. Erlend and Matthew talk about morning routines. Every morning, Erlend writes down his goals for both his business life and his personal life.  Matthew discusses the “successful mindset” and how he’s applying these concepts into his own life.  It’s difficult to improve your habits and mindset, however, both Erlend and Matthew have learned to accept each “small win” as a big success. Matthew has also learned to let go when he doesn’t get what he wants, and  that you cannot pick up a book or use someone else’s process and expect the same results as they have.  Matthew wakes up at 5:25AM each morning and drinks water from his Star Wars mug. He takes about 30 minutes to reflect, and then spends 10 minutes meditating (a practice he is still figuring out because meditation is new to him). He plays calming music, breathes in and out, and says “I love myself.  I am worthy.  I am grateful.” By the time he’s done, it’s 6:00AM.

Erlend has gone through the same process.  It happens when you have big goals and you’re not getting there. It also happens when you’re an “achiever”, because you’re hard on yourself naturally. You need to slow down, do things, and do them better.  Erlend admits being hard on himself and is being made aware of it.

Matthew talks about getting a balance, having a vision and being able to appreciate where you are now.  Meditation has helped him and has forced him to focus on his breath. However, having a wandering mind has been challenging. He also reads affirmations and has visual cues, and has created a set of “do this and don’t do that” reminders. He finds that if he repeats these often enough, he becomes more aware of his behavior, and realizes that he’s doing it and that he has the choice to stop.  His mantra every day has been to “do the work, solve the problem, and embrace the challenge”.

Listen in on how you can have your own morning routine that will help you regain your focus and become a more productive entrepreneur.

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