Time Surfing with Paul Loomans

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA, Erlend Bakke author of Never Work Again talks to a Zen monk and coach Paul Loomans, author of Time Surfing, a 7-step approach to help anyone create more time in their life.

In this interview, Erlend and Paul extensively discussed what Time Surfing is all about. Why is it important to even Time Surf? Here, we realize that multi-tasking, doing one thing on top of the other, is counterproductive.

Erlend and Paul discuss:

  • The Accountability Group of Erlend wherein Etan Ilfeld is also part of. Ilfeld is the one who recommended the book Time Surfing to him
  • Does taking breathers make you unproductive or otherwise?
  • The difference between Zen meditation vs. other types of meditation

  • Buddha Posture in Zen meditation
  • The Important instructions in Time Surfing

Show Notes:

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