Tips on how to supercharge your copywriting with the “Bad Ass” Copywriter, Tania Dakka

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In this episode of Hardcore MBA, we have Tania Dakka, the “Bad Ass” copywriter. Tania’s writing journey is a passion that became a full blown career from checking through Odesk for blogging gigs but it was winning the scholarship from James Chartrand of Men with Pens that officially started Tania’s career as a copywriter.

Listen in and learn these tips straight from the expert copywriter herself: 

  • TIP 1: The difference between writing a blog post, article or book and writing for a website, an email or landing page.
  • TIP 2: Writing a blog post, article or book is more information base, wordy and more in-depth, but copy for a website, email or social is more of the biggest emotion and fewest words – concise and emotion packed.
  • TIP 3: Every day, every platform, every minute there’s a different opportunity, a different story to tell. It just needed to be rooted in your brand or product.”

  • TIP 4: Reading a blog post is like taking a little walk through the forest, but reading a copy is like a “bam effect”, straight forward.
  • TIP 5: Key mentality in writing for a Copy is getting from point A to B as quickly as possible, and you’re only stopping on the readers stop lights.


Here are the golden rules in dealing with clients in Copywriting:

    1. Know what the problem is and what the product solves
    2. Getting feedback through the eyes of clients who have used the product
    3. Know what your client want to focus on
    4. Know what the client wants to achieve with the product they are selling
    5. Once you get that headline, use specifics and don’t get drowned with buzzwords and cliché stuff.
    6. Even before releasing a product, conversations with the people whom you think would buy the product would be helpful, not necessarily through marketing research
    7. Tania’s top seller product is a result of a genuine connection through social media which bring more authentic results  
  • TIP 6: Observing people’s comments in social media is an unconscious way of people telling you what they want and need
  • TIP 7: As per Tania…“Go and fail and try it again, if it didn’t work do something different.”
  • TIP 8: If you look at each platform as a microphone, whatever comes out of your mouth is going to be a story, it’s either going to suck or it is going to get their attention.”
  • TIP 9: In this interview, the importance of a good narrative was explicitly discussed for one to end up to a good landing page.

copywriting quotes tania dakka

Power tips from Tania

    • The ignition really comes from starting off with a narrative
    • Write the same copy from different approach… Rout of Pain or Route of Benefit/Pleasure
    • Story driven campaigns can really make a difference
    • Facebook Ads 🙂
    • You will stand out the most in making your narrative if you are taking it on the level that it is not just a story but is deeply rooted in the feeling that you are trying to bring out….you have to use specifics.  


For more information on Tania Dakka check out:

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