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“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick” – These words hit Erlend Bakke as he chose the road less traveled.

In this week’s Hardcore MBA podcast, Erlend shares 3 Lessons about his entrepreneurial journey.

As a young entrepreneur, he picked up his knowledge from reading books such as How to get Rich by Felix Dennis and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, just to mention some.

Then, he ventured into social media, tv shows, and live events. One of which is of Success Coach Tony Robbins. Feeling extremely motivated, he got into a panic attack and ended up in the hospital.

Why share this?

Erlend wants to point out that with the wrong strategy and trying to control everything to pursue your goals can sometimes lead you to trouble. 

Next stop. Let’s see what these 3 Lessons are:

1. Reality – What can I do?
Based on Roman stoics, there are things that we have no control of. But focus on what you can do in life.

2. Acceptance – Nobody can change the past while the future, is something that you can influence but cannot control over.

3. Focus on what you want – Be a winner! Give your best possible chance of success. The law of attraction works best when we picture and visualize ourselves achieving it.

In short, Entrepreneurship is an extreme sport that is why we need certain strategies.



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