UK´s #1 Motivational Speaker Brad Burton on Business, Breakdown and Networking

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This week’s Hardcore MBA guest is the world’s number one motivational business speaker – at least according to him! – and founder of 4Networking, Brad Burton. Brad is an amazing talker, so I fully believe his claim to be the best.

In the podcast, we discuss:

brad burtona

  • The troubles Brad faced in getting started, and how he overcame them.
  • Why Brad has made the choice to scale back on his business activities and focus on what’s really important to him – his family.
  • How to deal with difficult situations as a speaker.
  • And how Brad’s excellent networking group, 4Networking, operates – I strongly encourage you to check it out, it’s a great way to meet inspiring fellow entrepreneurs!

Brad is undoubtedly one of the funniest people we’ve had on the podcast – he’s a very blunt guy, but sometimes you need to hear things in the most straightforward way if you’re going to take action. Make sure you check out the opportunities at 4Networking, and take a look at Brad’s next big project, Bradcamp – a chance to spend an entire day learning from the master.

Do you have suggestions for speakers that feature on Hardcore MBA? Idea for improving the show? Or any comments about what you learned from this week’s podcast? Share them with us below!

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