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This week’s Hardcore MBA guest is world class coach and speaker Ian Dickson. If anyone can give you the kickstart that you need to make the most of your potential, it’s Ian – he’s been doing it for decades, after all! In this week’s podcast, Ian and I discuss:ian-dickson

  • How Ian went from the police force, to the business world, and then into coaching others.
  • The three key steps any entrepreneur needs to address – mindset, knowledge, and action.
  • Why marketing is a bit like building a sturdy table.
  • How to keep the excitement and creativity running high in your business.
  • The importance of dealing with small irritations.
  • Why coaches should sometimes give it to you straight, rather than just nudging you to work things out for yourself.

Ian has so much experience in the world of marketing, that I strongly encourage anyone in any line of business to hear what he has to say – for only one hour of your time, it could make a big difference to the rest of your life. Ian is currently finishing off two books which will be out soon, including a full description of his Mindset, Knowledge, Action technique; and he speaks at events around the UK on a regular basis – check out his website for more details.

Did you enjoy this week’s Hardcore MBA? What did you learn from Ian? Let us know in the comments!

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