All About Stoicism

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In this episode, Erlend talks about his life once as a Stoic. Let’s check and see!

He is a big fan of Stoicism, Tim Ferris inspired him to free himself from business and travel the world. Every morning, he reads the Daily Stoic, a book by Ryan Holiday. He finds it a good way to start the day. Stoicism is where the ancient Greeks discuss their philosophy.

It’s all about the element of control and letting go of fame, wealth, and popularity. Why?– because the way to live is to be of service to humanity. There is something that we call the Dark Energy, it is very attractive

3 Things About Stoicism:
– Accept the Past and where you’re at, at the moment.
– Accept the future. Whatever comes, we don’t have control over it.
– Act in Faith. Follow the good things in you.


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